Zoic Opulent MP3-friendly Mountain Bike Shorts

September 3, 2008

As one of the premiere mountain bike clothing companies, Zoic is always working hard to bring little innovations into something that typically has little more than adding another couple of panels to the shorts to make them more comfortable. But, not only does Zoic make high-quality products for the cash-strapped crowd, they also make some pretty high-end shorts. New for Spring 2009, Zoic is introducing the first mountain bike shorts with built-in MP3 player controls. The Zoic Opulent Short will definitely live up to its name by dialing you in with comfort for your behind and your ears--something that no other shorts have even attempted to do. I'm not too sure how well the cord will hang coming all the way from the leg pocket, so I'll just have to see them in person to know for sure. 2009 Zoic Opulent Short Details: Fabric: 95% Nylon/5% Spandex Sizes: S-3XL Fit: Freeride Colors: Black (Henry Ford would be proud) 11-1/2" Inseam Short with Flat Front, Elastic Back and Velcro Side Cinches Tagless Waistline Built-In MP3 Controls and MP3 Pocket 3 Zip Leg Pockets Knit Inserts Provide Ventilation Side Adjusters have new ZOIC Rubber/Velcro Tabs Zippers with Semi Auto Lock Sliders Fusion Gusset and Zip Crotch Vents Greatest Assit Detachable Liner Retail Price: $150.00 The Zoic Opulent Shorts will definitely be a hit for those who can't live without their tunes. Honestly, I can't recall ever riding with tunes, but there are plenty of riders I've seen on the trails who are dialed into a little Black Sabbath to keep things upbeat. Look for the Zoic Opulent Shorts in Spring 2009. Buy Now: Search for Zoic Shorts

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