Kali Invader Full-Face Bike Helmet

3 minutes
March 6, 2020

In January, Kali Protectives announced their new ultralight full-face mountain bike helmet, the Invader. With ski resorts closing and the future a bit uncertain, we are turning our thoughts towards a future day when we can be riding dirt again. And the Kali Invader looks like an ideal dome-protector when that day comes.

Having seen jaw injuries first-hand from mountain biking spills, we wouldn't wish them on anyone. They are traumatic and the effects are long-lasting. But it has been tough to justify a full-face helmet for those who aren't high impact enduro- or DH-style riders. Most full-face offerings are heavy and lack the breathability that a trail rider would value. So it is a non-trivial thing for Kali to have designed a full-face helmet that vents like a standard bike helmet, and weighs in at a mere 640g.

The Invader comes in two shell sizes: S/M and L/XL. Each comes with multiple sets of pads for the interior, to adjust the fit to your specific skull size and shape. The helmet also comes with Kali's beloved LDL (Low Density Layer) technology, which they say reduces rotational impact forces by up to 25%, and reduces low-g linear forces by as much as 30%.

While we wish that the sizing were a bit simpler, with a boa-style sizing dial instead of replaceable pads, the Invader is a huge stride forward from other alternatives, and promises to be a new era of protection for trail riders.


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