Skim, dive deep, synthesize & grow.

The Skimmer Journal is about smart brevity.

We are a collective of writers and thinkers who feel strongly that in today's expansion of knowledge, dramatic insights can be found at the intersection of disciplines.

Because of the nature of some of our writing, we have adopted a policy similar to The Economist, where anonymity reduces distraction from the ideas and points being raised. In their words, collective voice matters more than the identity of individual journalists, and reflects a collaborative effort.

Wherever possible, citations are provided for the reader to dig deeper into the topic and evaluate for themselves the merit of the points raised.

We will read, digest, and examine events and ideas as they unfold, for your consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept guest-written pieces?

We welcome leads, insights, criticisms, and guest-writing inquiries. We are especially interested in new analysis or perspectives relative to climate change. Please feel free to reach out to The Skimmer Journal staff on our Contact Us page.

Are you a sponsored journal?

We typically do not accept advertising on the site. But when we highlight products or gear on the site, we may earn a commission if readers click through and buy.

Where Can I Find Your Podcast?

Stay tuned! Podcast in the works shortly.

As a collective of inquisitive minds, we'd welcome any insights and leads you bring to the discussion.