Daymaker Alpine Ski Touring Adapters

Giray Dadali's Daymaker Ski Touring Adapters are a perfect solution for those who want to be able to do short ski touring trips on their full alpine boot+binding setup.

3 minutes
May 15, 2020

Have you ever wanted to go on a ski tour into the backcountry, but use your full downhill setup for the ride? That's where Daymaker's Alpine Ski Touring adapters come into play. They are built so that you can use your same alpine ski bindings and boots, and a pair of skins, without the need for special touring bindings or boots.

The construct is pretty straightforward: simply attach the adapters to the bottom of your regular alpine ski boots, then step into your regular alpine ski bindings. This allows your heel to rotate freely up and down while striding on the uphill lap. At the top of the run, just stick your Daymakers and skins in your backpack and start charging as hard as you want. Why not? You're on full downhill gear at this point.

Daymaker is the brainchild of famed pro skier Giray Dadali, and when you speak with him about his design, he is quick to point out that the real difference-maker is the gliding stride they've created with them. If you do a simple hinge at the toe, then you lose control for kick turns and your boot toe ends up butting agains the top of your ski binding as you stride. Instead, they've created two orange angulating elevators underfoot, which give it a stride similar to riding an elliptical machine.

We used the Daymakers on a day up Grizzly Gulch near Alta, Utah, which is about the ideal scenario for them: short approach, to a location with huge gap jumps that you don't want to be hitting on your touring bindings. Instead, we were able to stride comfortably up to Pyramid Gap, stash the adapters, pull out shovels to do some jump-shaping, and enjoy a session on bombproof alpine bindings.

Daymaker bills their adapters as "your new chairlift." Will Daymakers be a replacement for multi-day hut tours? No. But they absolutely rule for near-country excursions when you want your strongest setup for the downhill laps. And weighing in at only a bit more than 3lbs total, they are light enough to be a great way for a skier just trying out touring, who doesn't want to buy a whole new ski setup.


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