Women La Sportiva Fireblade Review

March 27, 2009

Wearing a quality made trail runner feels like drinking crisp water when you had no idea how unbelievably dehydrated you were. Like the water refreshing your throat and spreading replenishment through your body to the belly, the La Sportiva Fireblade first makes your feet feel well, easy entry of the foot against a mesh, well fitting heel. Then the hugging contours snug your feet to alignment, with well balanced pronation control (you dont want too much or it could promote a bad habit). I have been continually impressed with the La Sportiva Fireblade. I have run my feet through, sand, moss, high desert trails, icy roads, uneven scree, wet creeks, and in the foothills. Mile after mile the lightweight, low profile, Fireblade can withstand, nicely. The triple midsole provides a long enduring stability and the construction of the shoe hugs the foot to the midsole without being restricting. The Women La Sportiva Fireblade is designed for women. They are not updating the mens shoe with dainty colors, but building the shoe around a women specific last. La Sportiva Fireblade Rundown: Lightweight, low profile Triple midsole for long endurance Shoe built around a women's specific last Well-constructed upper to promote proper form Resilient to weather Sticky well wearing FriXion® AT/ Racing sole My feet are hard to fit. I have a slightly widespread foot. They used to be generally low volume, until I broke them in a climbing accident, now they are low volume, high volume where the bones over lap, and medium volume near the break. This shoe fits (that is saying something). A friend of mine who runs in her Fireblades daily has a narrow foot, and chooses to insert an orthotic to assist in the abuse she puts her feet and shoes through and they fit her as well. The only adjustment I would recommend is someone with very high arches may like to add an insert. La Sportiva reduces their carbon footprint with the application of wind power. To top it off with each pair of La Sportiva runners, hikers, or approach shoes a dollar is donated to the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, and you the consumer can choose where your dollar goes. I have worn many other trail runners, from a variety of brands. When I was young I was distracted by a snazzy boa or wild lacing systems. I did not see the others poor quality uppers as I was misdirected with the flashy mesh covering. My feet harshly learned the cost of poor quality after taking a few steps in water in another shoe. While wearing "the other guys" trial runner, the upper, dried and stiffened, then shred through the flesh of my heels and Achilles. Many athletic shoes and trail runners cannot live up to their claims of holding up well in the Backcountry. I had previously accepted a high level of discomfort as your coach screams, Push through the pain! Endure, yes, but there is no need for additional pain or suffering due to a poor quality shoe. Please learn from my mistakes and critically evaluate early on. If you want to learn more about your feet and what to look for in a trail running shoe. Check out this link for running shoe basics, from Runners World. The La Sportiva Fireblade was Runner World Best Debut in 2007. The La Sportiva Fireblade it the top choice for top athletes and will rise to the occasion. Buy Now: La Sportiva Fireblade

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