Wigwam Snow Xenon Pro Ski Sock Review

March 29, 2009

Over the years I've been real particular about which ski socks end up on my feet whether it be for backcountry skiing or resort skiing there is a certain type and often times brand of ski sock that will end up on my feet time after time. For backcountry skiing I like a more thin sock and almost always go strictly merino wool. For resort skiing, my ski sock of choice is a synthetic sock that's medium thickness with padding on the shin and a good heel cup. So it was when I recently donned the Wigwam Snow Xenon Pro ski sock, that I was particularly interested to see how my feet responded. To give it the full review I spend a couple of days backcountry skiing with them and then a couple of resort days. I lucked out by skiing in cold stormy temps, warm spring temps and a day of standard Utah bluebird powder. Backcountry Skiing My first outing with the socks was a long one - a 9 hour tour that took me up and over Timpanogos (click link for video), skiing from the summit and down the front side. Our hike out was a little over a mile on a dirt trail and then an hour of riding in the car back to Aspen Grove where we started. When we got back to the car I realized that my feet were comfortable enough that I chose to wear the socks home, another hour drive. Despite all the skinning, bootpacking and climbing with crampons I didn't have any hot spots. The socks were a little thick for my likes while backcountry skiing/touring, but they were comfortable. The only complaint is that they were warm, which on this particular day when it warmed up to solid spring temps it was a bit much. My next backcountry ski day in these socks was a very cold and stormy day touring in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Once again, comfortable feel, no sliding of the socks which happens a lot with socks and they kept my feet warm. I had a meeting to get to after my tour so the socks were on my feet for nearly 9 hours and almost as cozy as my Wigwam Mountain High hiking socks. Resort Skiing I skied the Wigwams on a day of skiing Alta with my son so we were sticking to groomers in the blue to light black range. With my alpine boots which are a bit more roomy (read: older) than my touring boots, the socks were a perfect fit. Not too thick, not too thin - medium thickness in spots, thin in others, just like I like it. My most recent chance to ski with these socks came Saturday when I was at The Canyons once again with my son. We skied 5 hours in all types of terrain. Afterward we went to Old Town Park City for some eats and then home. I ended up wearing the socks all day and the coolest part, aside from the comfort, was the fact that my feet weren't sweaty. The Snow Xenon Pro's pulled the moisture away from my feet and dried out very fast. Aside from the surprisingly great comfort of this ski sock, I was also quite impressed by the fact that the sock didn't slide down my leg as so often happens at the end of a long day. They stayed in place during skiing, hiking, climbing and kicking it around the house. Features of the Wigwam Snow Xenon Pro Ski Sock Stay put leg and top that won't slide down Lightweight design 32% stretch nylon, 30% merino, 21% olefin, 12% X20 acrylic and 5% spandex. Cushion sole and shin Snug yet comfortable heel cup Virtually seamless toe closure Foot hugging fit Bottom Line: I've got to say, I'm very impressed with the Wigwam Snow Xenon Pro ski sock. So comfortable they don't feel like ski socks and the performance for backcountry or resort skiing is one of the best I've used. I'm certain that I'll be reaching in my sock drawer for the Wigwam's quite often. Buy Now: As of now these socks are new enough that they are not found online in any of our affiliate websites, although I suspect that REI will have them soon. Check the Wigwam site for a retailer near you.

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