Wigwam Mountain High Hiking Socks Review

February 16, 2009

It was during the last day of the Outdoor Retailer Show last month that I ventured into the Wigwam booth and met Chuck Toal, a very genuine and enthusiastic Director of Sales for Wigwam. After spending a few minutes talking to him about everything Wigwam, I discovered there was much more to the story of Wigwam besides keeping ones feet warm Wigwam the Company In 1905, just five years into a new century. In Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Herbert Chesebro and the Hand Knit Hosiery Company manufactured heavy woolen work socks and liner mittens for lumbermen. The world took part in its first war, Americans went to their first movie, and Wigwam, which was then called the Hand Knit Hosiery Company, manufactured a full line of wool products. Socks, sweaters, caps, hoods, mittens, booties and they even made what was then a popular woolen swimming suit. Try that for speed Mr. Phelps. After World War II had ended Hand Knit switched from wartime manufacture to lines that included athletic socks, hunting socks and socks that clearly defied categorization. In the 40's, Hand Knit received notoriety for stitching in a line of colored thread at the toes, so family members could easily match up athletic socks after laundering. This innovation would lead to the induction of Robert Chesebro, Sr. into the Sporting Goods Industry's Hall of Fame. On January 1, 1957, the name finally stuck. The Hand Knit Hosiery Company officially became Wigwam Mills, Inc. Today the company is still family owned and the factory is well into the 21st century with solar power, a factory so clean you could eat from the floor, a vacuum system that gathers lint from the air and resells the lint back to the thread factory for a profit and more things that have taken the 100+ year old company well beyond its roots. Wigwam Socks - the Mountain Air After getting the historical run down on Wigwam from Chuck, he sent me away with a pair of the Mountain Air socks, touting their combination wool and silk make up. He said that they would be the softest sock I've ever worn and he was right. From the get go they felt like heaven on my feet. I wore them for 3 days in a row, testing to see if they would break down a bit or cease to feel comfy. They were bomber. I then washed them a couple of times and the outer did pill up a bit, just like Chuck had said so I, along with Wigwam, recommend that you wash them turned inside out. After multiple uses and washes they are still feeling soft as ever, the silk evident to the touch. The merino wool maintains the soft as well as the warmth factor. Features of the Wigwam Mountain High Hiking Socks Cushiony all over Silk and Merino Wool blend Fortified heel and toe areas Virtually seamless toe closure Stay put leg and top prevents the sock from creeping down the leg Buy Now: Unfortunately none of our partner retailers have gotten on the stick and picked up this sock, not REI, not, not Altrec....but you can check the Wigwam website for a retailer near you.

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