Westcomb Vapor FX Ski Pant

November 1, 2008

There are a ton of options out there for ski pants and you've tried most of them. I telemark myself so the most important things I need in a pant is articulation and breathability. Whether it be through side zips to open on the lift ride or a stellar material, at some point I need cool down time. The great thing about the Westcomb Vapor FX is you don't have to wait till the lift ride or bury your legs in snow. The eVent shell releases that heat as your charging or hiking the skin track. The basic run down of eVent is that the pores on the material are open to actually release the moisture created when your baking while skiing. This helps keep you dry keeping you warmer. On the Vapor, Westcomb reinforced the butt of the pant which I think is very useful. So what if I want to do some slopeslide luge in my Vapor pant? They've got me covered. And just because the pant can breath doesn't mean it won't keep you dry. eVent has been praised time and time again for its bombproof shell blocking out the moisture. The Vapor was rated "Best in Test" by Skiing Magazine this last month giving it that cushy street cred we all adore. I really am digging the concentration on articulation by Westcomb. Their jackets have it too, giving us 'freeheelers' that 'freedom' we constantly search for. After hearing it from the other guys for such a long time that your going to 'stay cool', slip on the Vapor and experience what it really feels like. BUY NOW: Westcomb Vapor FX Ski Pant at

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