Tiny Home Maker Everywhereco Announces Plans for Ranch

Everywhereco, maker of tiny homes and glamping shelters, announced a 1,100 acre development in Utah.

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April 25, 2020

Everywhereco garnered a lot of attention for its plans to sell cabin kits called the Ayfraym, built to be self-sufficient and well-planned for comfortable off-the-grid living. It has now announced plans to build a 1,100 acre ranch in Indianola, Utah that will allow for economical tiny homes and short-term rentals such as Airbnb.

The ranch promises to create a community of artists, designers, outdoorsman, and individuals who value smart living and design.

See below some of the interiors and exteriors of Everywhereco's iconic living designs.


Interior of Everywhereco's Ayfraym cabin kit.
Towable tiny home from Everywhereco.
Interior of Everywhereco towable.
Bedroom of Everywhereco towable.
Everywhereco's Sojourn glamping setup.

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