Nepal Announces Closure of Everest

Following China's announcement to close their half of Mount Everest due to COVID19, Nepal announces it is closing its access as well.

March 12, 2020

In mid-February, the BBC reported that China was closing its Everest base camp access to tourists because of COVID19. Now, less than a month later, Nepal follows suit and announces its closure of access to the Nepali Everest access.

Justifications given have referenced the unique nature of this coronavirus to create respiratory problems, which can be particularly acute at altitude. It is also clear that many believe the nature of camping and climbing in an Everest bid do not necessarily lend themselves to the level of sanitation required for preventing spread of the disease, especially when there are so many who travel from far away to Everest and may easily bring the virus with them while still asymptomatic.

This will clearly impact the economy of Nepal a great deal, but famed tour guide groups such as Alpenglow and Furtenbach have disappointedly agreed that this is the responsible decision at this moment, and are already setting their sights on next year's climbing season.

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