TimBuk2 Messenger Bags

March 3, 2009

When I need a big bag to haul all my schoolwork, clinical paperwork, water bottle and my rock climbing shoes around SLC in, I grab my TimBuk2 Messenger Bag. Inspired by bike commuters, this bag is also great for anyone needing a versatile messenger bag for day to day travels as well. TimBuk2 Messenger Bag Classic messenger bag comes in 2 basic fabrics: Ballistic nylon and then a polyester blend option (which you can get as 100% recycled polyester, a hemp/poly blend or as plain polyester). 5 sizes- XS, S, M, L and XL. To give you a good reference for sizing, I have the Large bag, and it comfortably fits a 17 inch laptop (without the laptop case option), 2 2" 3 ring binders, a coffee mug, Sigg Water Bottle and my running shoes. If I need to, I can cram my running clothes on the top of the bag. I have a friend with the XS bag and it makes a great purse. Removable reflector tails really make this bag a bike commuter friendly bag. For those of you who won't be needing reflection on your commutes, the tails clip off easily. One disadvantage- the shoulder strap is rather uncomfortable unless you get the optional shoulder strap pad. Bottom line- choose your size, and it can function from a purse all the way to a portable wardrobe and office! Added bonus that TimBuk2 points out: Material is waterproof, so you can empty out your laptop and work supplies, toss some ice in, and you've got yourself a sweet cooler! If only I could figure out a way to haul both my laptop and a 6 pack at the same time in the bag! Buy Now! TimBuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

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