The Ski Journal - A New Kind of Ski Magazine

September 30, 2008

Almost two years ago I received a message from Kris Kaiyala who was at the time running a cool little online ski journal and essay site called Aspect Journal. Aspect was seeping with the soul and stoke of skiing as it's essays and stories captured the why and the how behind the joy that comes from sliding on millions of frozen water crystals. Kris and a handful of others were starting up a new kind of ski magazine, one that for the lack of comparison or equal would be like the snowboarding magazine Frequency, which with its over abundance of images and a severe diet of advertising had gone from your run of the mill bathroom read to "put it on the mantle for all to see" status. The message? Kris wanted to me to pen a piece for the inaugural issue of a new kind of ski magazine - The Ski Journal. The result of that first issue? SOLD OUT! The Ski Journal - Volume 2, Number 3 If you've read ski magazines for any amount of time, you too have likely become accustomed to reading perhaps one or two good articles in a ski publication along with a half a dozen top notch images while otherwise enduring an endless amount of "bro-brah semi-stoke/semi-puke educing propaganda" (advertising) in the process. Not so with The Ski Journal. It was in the middle of my 3rd solid article when I thumbed through the remaining pages, spying enough reading to keep me up all night, or to keep you on the "throne" long enough for your legs to be well asleep. I was having flashbacks of POWDER Magazine of old, back in the late 80's and early 90's when I started subscribing. When I began using POWDER as a sort of "Zen and the art of ski bumming" as I became indoctrinated into the world of skiing by writers like Steve Casmiro, David Goodman, Chris Noble and David Mo. It was a time when photographers like Scott Markewitz, Bob Woodall and Wade McKoy were cutting their teeth. This issue of The Ski Journal features fresh photographers like Erik Seo and Grant Gunderson with writers like my friend Tim Cartwright or Lisa Richardson and Majka Burhardt, names you may not heard of...yet. But it hasn't forgotten the past and what brought us to this point in skiing. Case in point - the Hexcel and the Honecomb Revolution article. So it feels to me like I've come full circle as The Ski Journal not only brings back the "glory days" of ski publication but also presses forward breaking new ground, uncovering new talent and regaining the Coffee Table status that once was reserved for former times. Subscribe: Don't miss out on the next issue of The Ski Journal. It's worth the price.

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