Behance Dot Grid Book

Behance Dot Grid Books have become a staple of note-taking for creative professionals.

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March 4, 2020

When you work around creative professionals, you'll often see well-used and beautifully suede-to-the-touch spiral notebooks under their arms -- ready to be pulled out the moment inspiration hits them. These notebooks are a staple of creatives, and feature light dots in a grid pattern to help with organization and proportion in a subtle-but-useful way. In today's digital world, there's something that a tactile tool like these Dot Grid Books provide that can't be equaled with tapping on a screen.

Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer at Adobe and author of "The Messy Middle," was first the founder of Behance. Yes, that Behance that revolutionized the way creative professionals worked and shared their portfolios. What some may not realize is that he is also a strong advocate of moving creative projects forward at-pace with the needs of the business. In pursuit of that ethos, Scott and his co-founder Matias Corea at Behance developed a process for creating momentum effectively on creative projects that they termed "The Action Method."

Many creative professionals not only began adopting The Action Method, they began demanding tools to help them with the method. Behance worked with their friends at Ghostly International, a NY art and music company that supports designers and artists, and the Dot Grid Book was born.

In their words, what started as a set of paper products to help them brainstorm and stay productive became a side project to share with the world.

For those looking to upgrade from the black and white cow-print composition books, or simply de-digitize themselves a bit, Behance Dot Grid Books are a liberating and welcome respite from screen fatigue and distraction.

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