The North Face Tadpole 23 Tent

December 30, 2008

The rain is starting to drip on your forehead like Chinese torture. Then a constant stream of water starts at your feet. Because your miles away from the Internet much less this gear review you start to whimper because you could have had the North Face Tadpole 23 tent. Good thing your reading this before your trip. I've only used free-standing tents. They just make sense to me when I'm in a mild wind storm setting up camp by the light of my headlamp. If your looking for a stable straight forward design this should be in your pack. For a single door tent the vestibule is very impressive and has plenty of space for all the gear. I've even cooked in a storm and the design handles a stove very well. You can easily split the 4lbs. 4oz. among your 2-person crew. Whoever gets the poles will be pleased with the DAC featherlite material when carrying them and also when using them to hold up the tent. The mesh sides keep the condensation down and personally I have never had a problem with moisture. As far as tent length goes if your taller then 6'2" or so you might consider a different tent. Other then that this outdoor house will keep you snugly wuggly warm against the elements. A tadpole may sound wussy but believe me this tadpole is anything but, it's like a tadpole ninja. BUY NOW: The North Face Tadpole 23 tent at Massey's Outfitters.

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