The North Face Nupste Down Vest

November 7, 2008

If I ever start boxing my choice of vest weaponry would be the North Face Nupste Vest. The thing is straight up beefy and if anyone ever bit my ear off I could use it as a pillow to wait for the ambulance to arrive. My sorry 150 lbs. won't be entering the ring anytime soon so I'll probably just use this vest for keeping the vitals cozy in the cold. The Warmth In the past I used my down jacket under my shell for the super cold days. The problem with that is I limit my arms to little or no movement. Overheating is also a problem when sporting a full down coat. That all goes away when I slip on the Nupste underneath and in most cases has plenty of feathers to lock in the heat. For running a muck downtown late at night this vest also keeps my hands warm with the fleece lined pockets. Gotta keep the paws warm when your throwing snowballs at strangers. The Fabric Over the years The North Face has made a stronger more water resistant nylon with their insulated jackets. The nupste has a mini-ripstop weave nylon which is very durable however I wish it was even more water resistant then it is. That is my only gripe. Not that your going to be using this in a down pour but it's always nice to keep the feathers inside toasty and dry. The Low Down 700 goose down fill, good for all around use. Weight: 19.2oz and has a stow pocket to make that pillow mentioned above. I usually wear a medium, the nupste is a bit big on me so consider sizing down. BUY NOW: The North Face Nupste Down Vest at

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