The North Face NSE Tent Bootie II

November 16, 2008

It's the little gear that counts. This is one of my favorite bring-a-longs for winter camping. Even if your not stomping around Camp Muir anytime soon these are great for around the crib on colder days. If your looking for a simple yet rugged design in a bootie, go for The North Face NSE Tent Bootie II. When I was shopping around for a bootie I didn't think it should be a big deal. I wasn't trying to be picky but I felt like most booties were weak sauce. Not the NSE. This down slipper has a grippy rubber bottom that worked great for walking around camp in the snow. They kept my feet warm but more importantly kept them dry. The NSE is more packable then its cousin the Nupste Bootie which has the ultra sturdy EVA sole. Pick your poison. Putting them on is a little tight, I feel like the elastic opening is going to rip when I slip in but no worries after a couple times. It's kinda like popping out Smith lenses the first time. The down is superb for wrapping your feet in, the 700 fill did not disappoint. Even the non-gear freaks will enjoy these matching jackets for their feet. BUY NOW: The North Face NSE Tent Bootie II at

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