The North Face Mountain Sneaker - New Gear Review

May 2, 2008

Balancing time between work, play and outdoor activities, it's always nice to have versatile clothing--especially shoes. I'm definitely not one for wearing wingtips or loafers unless someone has a gun to my head. So, I typically prefer to wear trail runners or other, versatile shoes that can transition from office to trail or the local park without flinching. I first saw the new North Face Mountain Sneakers at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 07 last August. Since then, I've been anxious to see them hit the store shelves. They are hip-looking and versatile--all while being environmentally-conscious with appropriate use of bamboo-spun tweed, metal-free suede (I didn't know suede has metal in it), cork midsole and tread made of 40% post-consumer rubber. I love the style of the Mountain Sneaker and see them as a great set of shoes to wear at the office with jeans or around town. They definitely bring their own unique style to the table. It's actually very refreshing amongst the other hiking shoes or casual/hikers on the rack. Features of The North Face Mountain Sneaker: Upper: Metal-free suede and bamboo-spun fabrics with a rubberized toe Shank: 1/2 length bamboo Midsole: cork Sole: 40% recycled post-consumer rubber MSRP: $90 The North Face Mountain Sneaker Review: I've had these a short while, but I dig them thus far. They aren't quite as comfortable as a pair of trail runners, but they step up the style a notch. Sporting these with jeans is a nice look that is different from the pack. The materials seem to breathe well thanks to the use of woven bamboo tweed. With the eco-friendly materials and the Tibetan prayer flag on the side, you'll feel good too. Buy Now: North Face Mountain Sneaker at

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