The North Face Blue Ridge Bx 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

November 26, 2008

What more could you want then buying gear for yourself then outfitting your kids? It finally came time this year to get my little one a sleeping bag. I know kid sleeping bags all look the same but I am really digging the North Face Blue Ridge Bx bag and if my girl could lay down some vocab she would probably share my opinion. I had to carry three sleeping bags everytime we went camping this year so I wanted to make sure this one packed down really well. I have always had good luck with down getting small but the synthetic did really well. I got it down to about a half sized loaf of bread. I really don't mind carrying the extra weight, anything to get my family out, it is a nice bonus that it fits in my pack though. Seems like these last couple of years the half zipper has been a trend and I am not exactly sure why. For packing a kid in the bag it is really nice because my daughter is about as tall as two computer keyboards. And the half-zip is all I need. Since she is so short we wrapped the un-used bottom of the bag and tucked it underneath her as a pad. When I checked on her throughout the night her hands were always toasty, I wouldn't go with anything less then this 20 degree. She woke up at her usual 7am but I was happy. She got freaked out a couple times with the bag over her face so pack along your usual blankets. To get my ladies to go backpacking with me it was worth carrying the extra 2lbs (not including the insane amount of kid stuff that also come along). BUY NOW: The North Face Blue Ridge Bx Sleeping bag at

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