The North Face Big Fat Frog 24 Tent - Quick Review

March 25, 2009

The Big Fat Frog 24 tent is the new North Face shelter for the 2009 Summer season. Without the fly it looks like the old school grasshopper from back in the day. Slap on the fly and you my friend have quite the outdoor getaway. I had the chance to check the tent out the other day and found good and bad factors. The Good This will withstand a tough storm. From the looks of how the poles are arranged the vestibule not only adds square footage (14.5 sq ft) but it also adds stability. The North Face also trimmed down on the nylon on just the tent quite a bit. This makes a great hot weather option for desert camping. For the guy carrying the poles they will be happy to know their a DAC featherlite. The fourth pole for the vestibule is optional so if your going lightweight you can ease up on the functionality and save weight. The vestibule is impressive, you could probably fit a couple of large dogs in there (not sure why but you get the idea). The Bad Not that The North Face makes bad tents but here are the drawbacks. I wish they would have done all hooks instead of half hooks and half sleeves for the tent poles. Hooks in general are way easier and it's a pain to have to go back and forth. The 6 lb weigh in isn't super appetizing. If you did leave the extra pole it can cut down on weight but for a two person tent that is a bit heavy. On the vestibule it's missing the hooped opening for cooking. Those can really come in handy when your stuck in the rain. One review on said it does get a little drafty around 15 degrees so probably not the best winter tent. Overall I think it looks like a very cozy summer tent. Maybe a pound more than what you would want to carry but personally I like to have a nice hotel in the hills. BUY NOW: Search for The North Face Tents.

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