The North Face Baselayers- Quick Overview

December 30, 2008

My friend is visiting from Boston this week, and today we went skiing. As I pulled out my plastic tub full of baselayers to outfit her for the day, she commented that I looked like a North Face long underwear ad! The tub is brimming with silkweight and midweight tops and bottoms, most of which are The North Face. Here's a quick smattering of my favorites! General Info- The North Face Baselayers The North Face makes 4 different weights of baselayers- lightweight, midweight, expedtition weight and wool weight. Carbon from Bamboo Technology- adds increased wicking powers and better odor absorption than regular baselayers Carbon from Bamboo technology is a method of enhancing the performance qualities of fabrics used for active outdoor endeavors. In this highly specialized process, dried bamboo is carbonized in a kiln at nearly 800 degrees Celsius, then ground into a fine powder. The Carbon from Bamboo powder is blended with a polymer to form fibers that are woven or knit into fabric All Baselayers come with flatlock seams for added comfort. Because of Carbon from Bamboo Technology, the baselayers have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 30. My favorites for resort days include the Women's XTC Midweight Crew and Women's XTC Expedition Tight. For Ice climbing, I'm usually in the Expedition Tight and Expedition 1/4 Zip, and for backcoutry touring days, where wicking is key, I'm usually rocking the XTC Lightweight Tights and Crew. Check em out!

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