The New V.I.O. POV 1.5 Wearable Video System

March 18, 2009

I've been using the V.I.O. POV 1 package for a few weeks now and love the quality of the images. It does get a little cumbersome, but the image quality and ease-of-use is great. With the introduction of the new POV 1.5, the camera head is smaller, connections are simplified, there's more capacity and the mounts are more flexible. Here's more info from V.I.O. on the new POV 1.5: V.I.O., the leader in wearable video technology, introduces the new POV.1.5 wearable video system, an integrated point-of-view imaging system. Building off the success of the POV.1, a self-contained point-of-view camera system, the POV.1.5 comes with a new look, more memory, easier assembly and a rich accessory offering. POV.1.5 will be available through select dealers and direct from V.I.O. March 2008. The new POV.1.5 features a smaller camera weighing only 2 oz. in a red anodized casing. The new POV.1.5 also features a permanent and securely tethered cable from the camera head and a 4GB memory card (previously 1GB). All POV.1.5 cameras include a wide-angle lens that capture an incredible 110° field of view, easier and more secure mounting solutions and 8GB SDHC compatibility. The POV.1.5M includes all the updates from the POV.1.5 with additional accessories that make it more adept to the demands of moto-sports. Additional accessories for the POV.1.5M include the POV Power, a cigarette lighter adapter cable and direct hard-wire adapter cable provided (SAE connection). Three additional Ultimate packages will also be available for those who wish to additionally accessorize their camera purchase and save money. V.I.O. POV 1.5 Features MSRP $649.95 NEW smaller and red anodized look for camera head NEW permanently secured cable from camera head NEW 8GB capacity Wide-Angle Lens Sensitivity: F2.0 Relative Illumination @ Full Field 90% Effective Focal Length: 2.97mm Field of view: 110 degrees The Complete Video Package Deal: The only wearable video camera on the market that features a complete software package to edit and share videos out of the box The POV.1.5 records in 2 modes, LOOP or CLIP. In LOOP mode, the user TAGs and saves key video segments. In CLIP mode, video is continuously recorded as in traditional video recording. Recording, playback and set-up are controlled by buttons on the POV.1.5 Recorder The most advanced high-quality wearable digital video camera records with 720 x 480 resolution at 30fps. The POV.1.5 allows users the ability to choose between 720x480, 720x400, 640x480, or 360x240 resolution and Frame Rates: 30fps, 25fps, 24fps, or 15ps LCD screen on recorder to view your clips while recording Wireless remote control and microphone Ergonomic user interface design enables single-handed operation and hands-free video capture Modular mounting system provides camera stability while attached to helmets or other high impact gear Components are shock-resistant, water-resistant and dustproof for use in the most hazardous environments What's Included With the POV 1.5? NEW 4GB HDSD card NEW Star Mount NEW Double-Hook and Loop Mount NEW Tutorials on CD POV.1.5 Recorder with LCD Display Wide-Angle wearable camera head LVDS cable POV Manager software Wireless remote control USB cable Analog A/V cable AA batteries Carrying case Buy Now: Buy a V.I.O. POV Camera

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