the Show: Black Diamond Glidelite Climbing Skins for Alpine Ski Touring

March 1, 2008

Here is a quick gear review of the Black Diamond Glidelite (Standard) climbing skins for alpine ski touring. I've ridden different brands of skins, my most recent being the Backcountry Access Low-Fat climbing skins. Those have some great adhesive & plenty of grippy tread. But there were two complaints I had with those: 1) the tip loop had to be jury-rigged to fit on my wide-tipped LINE Mothership skis, and 2) the tail hook was just that -- a simple hook -- so you had to cut them EXACTLY right for the length of ski, and you had to put them on starting at the tail. A royal pain. So now I am stoked on Black Diamond's STS tail hook for the Glidelite skins, since it gives you a bit more flexibility in terms of ski length. Enjoy the quick vid! -Brig

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