T-mobile G1 Google Phone vs. AT&T iPhone 3G

October 3, 2008

Looks like T-mobile will be carrying google's new "Android" phone, the G1. I just checked out the rock-and-roll demo of the phone and at this point it looks ho-hum. I mean, the music is hot, but the phone looks clunky. Admittedly, I'm a huge Apple fan, but I haven't yet jumped on the iPhone 3G bandwagon. My biggest reason is AT&T... their lackluster customer service and expensive services plans have soured my drive for the iPhone. I do have an iPod Touch and completely enjoy the interface and user-experience. It's so easy to use that I find my 3-year-old writing email and browsing YouTube or watching The Incredibles on it all the time. Her favorite YouTube video to watch is Crazy Horses by the Osmonds (it's bookmarked as it should be). Thanks to the new iPhone/iPod 2.1 software update, I've now disabled YouTube so she can't happen upon someone's soft porn unknowingly... phew! I digress... back to the T-mobile G1. I think it misses the mark and definitely will not be an iPhone killer. I venture that this particular version with be a flop and here's why: The form-factor looks HUGE Where's the bling? Nothing on this phone breaks new ground The design looks like it was built by the miltary The upturned button area adds to the awkward form-factor Google is not know for their interfaces... these guys are engineering-driven and we all know how well engineers design interfaces There are some nice things about the T-mobile G1 though: Full QWERTY keyboard, but the slide-out design may be problematic It's not on AT&T T-mobile's customer service is great Here's the rest of the T-mobile G1 features so you can make your own decision. I still need to see and try one in person, but if I'm Apple, I'm not concerned at this point. As mentioned above, the iPhone 3G hasn't come without some hiccups, and it's only available on AT&T (arguably the worst cell phone provider in my mind), but it's still tops in the smartphone market. More Info: Visit T-mobile to see the new G1

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