Steven Nyman Rocks - US Ski Team hero is Utah favorite

February 7, 2008

Now, we are all about the gear we love. But sometimes it's tough to separate the gear we love from the sports, athletes, and activities we love. So this article is about Steven Nyman, ski racer for Fischer Skis and an amazing athlete on the US Ski Team. Steven Nyman is a rising US Ski Team star, and even if he never had another podium finish we would still be stoked to call him a real Utah hero. And as it stands, he already has succeeded in getting a lot of folks thrilled with ski racing again. But it doesn't stop there -- there is a BIG runway in front of him in ski racing. Steven Nyman grew up skiing Utah's snowy mountains at Sundance Ski Resort. Steven's parents Scott & Becky ran the ski school at this boutique Utah resort owned by actor Robert Redford. I count my slow butt lucky to have spent some training time on Mt. Hood's racing lanes with Steven, his parents, siblings, and friends when I skied in college. He was a young kid, but he kicked my butt decidedly. And ever since then I have been quite in awe of the Nyman family expertise that has shaped some great American ski racers like Skip Merrick and others. Steven's career has seen a terrific rise over the past few years. He was picked for the Junior Worlds in Italy in 2002 and immediately had two podium finishes (won slalom, 2nd in combined). That got him going on the US Ski Team, and then in 2007 he had his first World Cup win (1st in Downhill, Gardena/Groden). That DH win got EVERYONE's attention in the racing world, and this year he is not disappointing. In the 2007/2008 season Steven has finished in the top 20 in 3 key races -- including a 2nd place finish at the Birds of Prey Downhill in Colorado. Not only that, he is consistent across 4 or 5 different racing disciplines. Many would say that he is a real threat to capture the Overall World Cup Globe in the future. Wow...that would be an amazing achievement for any skier. History-making for a US skier. There is a lot you can say about ski racing for good and for bad. And there is certainly controversy, ego, and some prickly personalities. But one thing I love about Steven Nyman is that he appears to be turning into a real hero that a parent can feel good about his kids emulating. He has been involved in many charitable efforts including A Child's Hope Foundation and has traveled to Haiti to support the charity. He also is a great influence on young children right at home in Utah, and does it all with apparent sincerity. That's a real hero. Since this is , let me list out his main gear sponsors below: - Fischer Skis - POC (optics, armour, and other ski race gear) - Spyder ski gear - Swix

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