Spyder Arc Tech Softshell Jacket Review

November 20, 2008

When I think of Spyder skin tight speed suits and massive black widows come to mind. I've never tried their stuff but in the last couple years I have been impressed with their designs and technology they have been using to excel in the outdoors. This last week I bought my wife the Spyder Arc Tech Softshell jacket to replace a couple of her old coats and it did just that. The material is similar to a North Face Apex jacket using their Spylon water resistant technology. The wife really wanted white so I have been crossing my fingers hoping the jacket isn't ridden with goopy stains from our kid. After a week of partying with the family for the Thanksgiving break the material has held up well and I can tell we will be just fine for the upcoming goopy season, not to mention repelling the snow and water. The inner material is very soft making it a solid all around lifestyle/performance piece. I like hoods but ones that get in the way really bother me. My wife said that the small fitting hood is nice because it stays out of the way and when you need it the cold is blocked out really well. The fleece lining in the hood is also superb with the uber soft pimp-chimp (from Mountain Hardwear) like fleece. You won't need a beanie when rockin' the hood which makes it nice when your 5 beanies are MIA. Spyder Sizing The wife is 5 foot nothing and the XS in the Arc Tech fits great. Doesn't seem like there is any hidden measurements to throw you off so feel free to order with a peace of mind. Oh and can I just say the price is phenomenal? $130 and your in a sweet jacket. Who said Spyder had insane prices? This is the ultimate Christmas gift for the lady. BUY NOW: The Spyder Arc Tech Softshell at for $129.95.

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