Sony DSC-H50 Digital Camera Review

April 2, 2009

As an amateur photographer (no Kindergarten-esque really), I struggle with my mediocre photography skills. I've always been meaning to take a photography class and up the ante. The trouble with that is I likely don't have the right kind of camera to take advantage of all the things I'd learn. Yeah, they could teach you more about composition and lighting, which can make any photographer better. I'm aware of those things and do my best at compensating, but where I lack is the ability to use the advanced features found in DSLR and pseudo DSLR cameras, like the Sony DSC-H50 digital camera. I was reading the review found on of the Sony DSC-H50. While the reviewer didn't absolutely LOVE the camera, she felt it was a solid option at a great price. Picture quality was excellent and the zoom was outstanding. Specs of the Sony DSC-H50: 9.1 Megapixels Carl Zeiss 15x zoom lens Super SteadyShot Optical Image Stabilization Face detection technology VGA movie mode (640x480) 3" tilting LCD screen More details from Here's an overview of her thoughts on the Sony DSC-H50: There is a lot to love about the Sony Cybershot H50: the awesome zoom range; the compact size and weight; the rich, colorful pictures; the big, tilting LCD; and the incredibly helpful remote control. These are all strong selling points. But I dont love the way this camera fits in my hand, its confusing menu interface or its near lack of an auto review. And as far as Im concerned, the miniature optical viewfinder, Smile Shutter and Night Shot switch are just a waste of space. Would I buy this camera? If the bottom line is getting great pictures on a modest budget, then yes, Id probably buy it. Despite having no prior experience with the DSC-H50, I took it on a weeklong trip through the Southwest and came home with good photographs of every place I visited. I had a few minor challenges with the camera, but all things considered, it got the job done. In a perfect world, though, the camera Id really like to buy would combine the DSC-H50 lens, LCD, remote control, image quality, size, weight and price tag with a more ergonomically comfortable body and a cleaner menu interface. But Im not sure if that camera actually exists. Pros 15x zoom lens with Super SteadyShot optical image stabilization (31-465 mm equivalent) Very good image quality Exposure settings ranging from Easy Mode to full manual control Compact size and light weight Large, tilting LCD monitor MPEG video recording with zoom functionality Easily accessible continuous shooting/bracket button Remote control - great for group and self-portraits In-camera editing and slideshow functions Cons Optical viewfinder is so small it almost useless Somewhat awkward physical design and user interface Battery for remote control is difficult to access I didn't see any mention of the reviewer about the video quality. But, it's not widescreen and not HD, so for me, this camera would be off my list of options. I really like having HD video on-the-fly with the same digital camera I'm already toting around. Hauling a separate still and video camera isn't an option when trying to capture the moment. The Sony DSC-H50 is available for around $300 from many retailers. Buy Now: Google Product Search for Sony DSC-H50

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