Sock Guy Lion of Flanders Cycling Socks - Gear Review

June 2, 2007

Are you a Flahute? Most of us will only aspire. If you have no idea what I'm referring to and what it has to do with cycling socks, it's time for a little lesson in cycling history with a bit of lore. Lion Of Flanders, A History The Lion of Flanders is the Flemish coat of arms symbol, adopted in the 12th century. Since then it has come to represent a few different individuals but in the world of cycling it represents one man above all - Johan Museeuw, who was likely the greatest one-day cycling racer of all time. Graham Jones wrote: Known as the Lion of Flanders, Museeuw holds the record for wins in World Cup classics, eleven in all. Three times he won the Tour of Flanders and three times the Paris-Roubaix. In the Tour of Flanders alone he has stepped onto the podium no less than eight times. In addition to mastering the five monuments, Johan also became World Road Race Champion in 1996 and has, during his illustrious 14 years as a professional, also claimed the yellow jersey for a while in the Tour de France. You see, in Belgium, cycling is a way of life, something that kids do for fun as youngsters. Those that survive and conquer the miserable weather, the insidious cobble stone stretches and the masses of other cyclists vying for the pinnacle of the podium are fortunate enough to be called Flahute by their countrymen. And in a country where cycling is supreme, well that's as high an honor as one might aspire to have bestowed upon himself. So what does this have to do with a pair of cycling socks? A lot. The Details Aside from a solid history associated with wearing an emblem of cycling history when you slip on the Lion of Flanders cycling sock from Sock Guy, you'll know that you've found your foot's paradise. Their mantra of "Spreading the Luv all over your feet" is not just marketing spray. Built with their "Stretch-to-fit" sizing design that allows them to sell it in just two sizes, much like the popular flex-fit baseball hats - Small/Med and Large/XL. But despite your size in that range you'll be surprised when the heel cup fits every time. Another feature I like is the double cuff (featured on all Sock Guy socks) that will help fit any foot, ankle or kankle if you've got one of those too. The composition of this sock is: 75% Ultra-wicking Micro Denier Acrylic 15% Nylon 10% Spandex These "ingredients" combine to provide a superb fit, fresh from the store comfort and lasting performance every time no matter how far you ride. I've used this sock and others from Sock Guy head to head against competing brands and found them to be the ones I reach for every time, dirty or clean. I've also used this sock for trail running and after a recent 8 mile run was ready for more. Bottom Line Socks are where it all starts for me and when it comes to cycling and even a bit of trail running Sock Guy has cornered the market in my eyes. Add to that this model sporting the Lion of Flanders and you're ready for a blistering pace on your next 100 or perhaps 10 mile ride. BUY NOW: Pick up a pair of Sock Guy Lion of Flanders Cycling Socks at For more history on the Lion of Flanders by Graham Jones read Flahute and "The Lion of Flanders" on Check out Cycling Gear at

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