Smith Whisper Interlock Sunglasses

January 15, 2009

I recently adopted a 2 year old blue heeler/husky mix, and within his first week at the house, he devoured my treasured favorite pair of sunglasses, which of course, had been discontinued and no longer exist. So, I branched out, tried a new brand, new style, new everything, and I'm psyched! I am in love with my Smith Whisper Interlock Sunglasses! With the new Smith Interlock System, changing lenses is no longer a hassle, so you've basically bought yourself 3 new pairs of glasses. Lets face it, old sunglasses came with other lenses, but who really changed them? I certainly didn't, mainly out of fear of snapping both the lens and the frame with the awkward popping out process. Since purchasing the Whispers, I've used all 3 different tints of lenses! Smith Whisper Interlock Sunglasses Whisper fits mid to small sized faces Lenses provide ample coverage without being huge! I'm not into the "bug" look with big glasses, despite how in style it may be. I like my smaller, sleeker sunglasses. Standard lenses are Polarized TLT lenses, with clear (perfect for protecting the peeps while ice climbing!) and "ignitor" (purplish, intended to highlight shadows- good for low light ski days!) lenses as the optional ones, but you can purchase up to 14 different types to change out. Comes with a case! It's the little things in life, right? I'm stoked any time a company want to help me keep from breaking my stuff! Check These Out! Smith Whisper Interlock Sunglasss

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