Smith Variant Helmet

October 29, 2008

After having a couple unwanted run-ins with groms I was sold on a helmet. My biggest hold-ups in sporting a helmet was it being too heavy, too cold, too hot, and too bulky. 'Coolness' wasn't really a factor, I figure that won't happen for me in this lifetime. After trying on a couple brain buckets I snagged a whatever one with a Mp3 hook-up, plugged in, and loved my new found confidence. I should have held out for the Smith Variant Helmet, most helmets these days are keeping up on the tech but you've gotta check this lid out. The Variant brings your noggin AirEvac 2 technology which moves air from the front to the back of the helmet keeping you regulated. Teamed up with their regulator goggle this reduces fog to keep you groovin'. The other cool thing about the Variant is the adjustable vent system up top. There are left and right vents you can open and close with your glove on. Talk about personalization. The fit feels great, super easy to adjust and really connects with the dome. If the AirEvac tech and 18oz weight doesn't get you stoked, chat it up with Chris Davenport. Looks like he is in Antarctica right now so just ping him when he gets back. If you still haven't gotten on the helmet train this would be a great ticket to buy to not stick out on the hill. After wearing a lid for 5 minutes you'll forget its there. Oh and its safe and stuff. BUY NOW: Smith Variant Helmet at

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