Smith Variant Brim Helmet

January 25, 2009

My old ski helmet was a joke. It was big and bulky, didn't fit right and had a hideous pattern on the side. Nonetheless, I loved it. However, after prodding and some mockery from my friends, I finally got a new Smith Variant Brim Helmet. 1st and most important- fit! Smith Variant Brim Helmets come with a "Helmet Fit System," a ratcheting system similar to those found on bike helmets, so you can really customize it to fit your head. They come in 3 sizes (S, M, L) and you can adjust each as needed. No more helmet drooping down over my eyebrows! This one fits right and stays in place. Smith Variant Brim Helmet Venting system! I've never had a helmet with vents before. If you're sweatin' up a storm on the hill, flip your vents open and you've got an instantaneous breeze on your dome. Too cold? Close em up with the simple flick of a finger. X-static lining fabric- Supposedly regulates odor and eliminates static... Your hair won't stand on end when you take the helmet off. Sweet designs! Smith has really pioneered the market of making helmets and goggles fashionable. The Variant Brim comes in several different designs, from a matte black for those conservative types to a blue floral or white pinstripe for those of you wanting to make a statement. Ear pads are removable, and can be interchanged for audio compatible ones or a bluetooth compatible phone system. Last thing- the brim! I was not psyched on this idea at first. Why do I want a brim? I almost got a regular Variant Helmet, but after some convincing, went with the brim. Definitely the right choice! When paired with Smith Goggles, the venting system that is created is the greatest! The brim redirects airflow, keeping your goggles fog free. Also, it's great for keeping some of the sun out on those sunny days and the snow out on the days it's nuking. My only gripe- I ride with my goggles up on my helmet unless the weather absolutely necessitates some ocular protection, and getting them to sit up there takes a bit of finesse. Buy Now: Search for the Smith Variant Brim Helmet

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