Smith Serpico Sunglasses - Polarized

November 17, 2008

Not everyone can go back in time and try out for Top Gun to be Mavericks right hand man, but at least we can wear aviators like Mr. Cruise. I could never bring myself to impersonating a cop, mainly because its a felony, but if I ever wanted to the Smith Serpico sunglasses would be my choice of facewear. The Tapered Lens Technology actually makes it so your vision doesn't get scrambled even though the bend in the glass admits you to high-class Hollywood parties. The tapered lenses mixed with the polarized finish give your eyes a seamless drive home. I am a huge fan of the wrap style sunglasses, the coverage does wonders for blocking out sun that creeps in on the sides. Smith also has their uber swank Optically Delicious site which really lets you test drive these puppies without closing , facebook, solitaire, and anything else you have running on the screen. The frame is very durable along with the carbonic lens. Carbonic sounds a lot like bionic and performs quite similar; it is the ultimate impact lens tech. What else do you expect from a prestigious optics company? BUY NOW: The Smith Serpico Sunglasses - Polarized at

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