Smith Interlock Spoiler Polarlized Sunglasses Review

October 27, 2008

When I was at Interbike for the Dirt Demo I rolled up to the Smith booth to test drive some shades. Not having tried any of Smith's Polarized lenses before I honed in on the Spoilers which happen to also be part of their Interlock series. Smith used to roll with the "Slider" Series but aside from the standard smudges all over the lenses each time you wanted to swap out a lens one of the biggest flaws with the Slider Series was the loss of integrity to the frame which at some points was compromised by the lack of plastic. The result - broken frames. I think I've still got 3 broken Mainline frames in my sunglass collection. With the Interlock system you twist the arm and the frame opens up. Easy in, easy out. I've found it takes less than a minute to swap out the lenses and it's done with little effort or the sensation that you may break the frames. The Spoiler is a medium/large-fit and come with two extra pairs of lenses for changing light conditions and metal accents to keep you looking sharp. Basically, it's a nice looking pair of shades that will hold there own on the dirt or on the town. Review of the Smith Interlock Spoiler Sunglasses After one loop in Bootleg Canyon I knew that I wouldn't be returning to the Smith booth anytime soon with these shades. Sticky rubber on the bridge and the ends of the arms kept them in place all day despite near 100 degree temps and plenty of opportunity to slip with the way I was sweating. The lenses were crisp. Morning, noon or even late afternoon sun couldn't contend with the Spoiler's ability to enhance rocks, drops and features in the trail. Field of vision is ample as I barely catch the frame (on the lower side of the frame) in the view. The kicker is that I could barely tell they were on thanks to a lightweight design. Yea, I'm pretty sold on the Spoilers. So sold that I picked up a pair! Buy Now - Pick up the Smith Interlock Spoiler Sunglasses

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