SmartWool Stripeuccino Espresso Socks Review

February 25, 2009

There are a few things I always look for when I am evaluating a sock. First and foremost, I evaluate the performance under it's designed application. The Smartwool Stripeuccinno Espresso Sock is not a ski sock, a running sock, a deep sea diving sock, or a mountaineering sock... it is designed for lifestyle and the days in between. I first came across the SmartWool Stripeuccino when my massage therapist was wearing a pair. I was laying face down on a table and she had taken her boots off, to local the snow stuck to them. She had these great socks on underneath. She told me how wearing a cute sock, even though no one can see them a lot of the time, made her feel beautiful. Girly and unpractical? Yes. And I fully agree with her. Many aspects and activities in my life demand high performance and specialty gear. It is nice to have a pair of gear like socks with no application other than lounging. My post frost bitten toes like being wrapped in a sock that is simple, soft, and out of the ordinary, for ordinary occasions. What separates this sock form the many lifestyle socks on the market is its simplicity and brand history. All Smartwool socks start with great material, New Zealand merino wool. This odor neutralizing fiber is combined with a very small amount of nylon (13%) and elastic (1%). This provides a great blend for everyday living. It fits snug, but I don't get deep compression lines after wearing all day. The SmartWool Stripeuccinno is a medium thin sock you could wear with a pair of Dansko Clogs or Patagonia boots. The socks maintain their shape and does not get the fuzz balls sticking out or puckering in the sock after repeated washing. I recommend buying at least two pair, to give you leeway if you misplace one in the wash. There is nothing worse than loosing just one of your cute socks. The SmartWool Stripeuccino Espresso Lifestyle Sock Low Down: Simple, meduim thin sock Knee height Soft to the touch odor nutralizing, soft, merino wool 86% wool, 13% nylon, 1% elastic does not breakdown in multiple washes A knee high, lifestyle, wool sock is not a must have, but icing on the cake. Enjoy and buy now from

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