Skullcandy TiTan In-The-Ear Headphones

December 30, 2008

I have been using the same pair of cheap headphones that came with my Apple Shuffle since I got it over 5 years ago... This Christmas, some kind soul noticed that perhaps I could use an upgrade, and got me a pair of Skullcandy TiTan In-The-Ear Headphones. I'll admit, I've been hesitant to make the switch to Skullcandy. I'm not the massive blinged-out bright gold and teal headphone kinda gal. I need something sleek to run with, that provides me with enough sound to tune out the world as I crank out the miles. The Skullcandy TiTan Headphones were a great choice for me. A mid-priced ear bud, they come with enough power to get the job done, and a perfect for those not wanting to drop a bill on headphones. Skullcandy TiTan Earbuds COMPLY Foam Tips are like a memory foam bed for your ear canals! Stick these in and they mold perfectly to your ear, not allowing for any outside sound to enter your musical experience. Come with a great little carrying case for those of us who tend to be prone to tangled headphones or losing them entirely! Cool colors! After running with them every day since Christmas and skiing with them twice, I'm sold! It feels like you're in the middle of live concert each time you put 'em in! Buy Now! Skullcandy TiTan Earbuds

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