Sigg Water Bottles

February 23, 2009

Normally, I can't stand when people do things just because they are "trendy." However, as of late, there is one trend people seem to be following that I am stoked about- being more environmentally friendly! Whether people are doing it because they care about the environment, or because it's just the "cool" thing to do, I'm not sure- but who cares?! Either way, people are being more conscious about our world's resources, and this can be seen with the rising popularity of Sigg Water Bottles. Why use a disposable bottle and fill landfills when you could rock out with a stylish Sigg Water Bottle. It took me a while to hop on the "metal water bottle" train. I was hesitant due to the "tinny" taste and seemingly unportable designs when compared to other plastic bottles. However, with the recent BPA scare in certain plastics, my hypochondriac mother immediatly mailed me 3 metal water bottles, concerned about what chemicals I might be ingesting with my apple juice. I gave the particular brand she mailed me a shot, eventually bought myself a Sigg, and I'm sold! Sigg Water Bottles Smaller mouth opening than other metal bottles. Perfect size for swigging, and you won't spill all over yourself if you attempt to take a drink while driving. Sweet designs! I know, not really necessary for the functional success of a water bottle, but who doesn't love to sport cool mountain sketches on their bottle? No odor retention or tinny taste! Water tastes normal, and if you put another liquid in there, next wash there is no leftover smell or taste. I mean, I like my juice and all, but not 3 weeks later as an aftertaste to my regular agua! Check 'Em Out! Sigg 1L Water Bottle

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