Scarpa Diva Alpine Touring Boots

January 3, 2009

After switching back to skiing after 12 years of snowboarding, boot comfort was of high importance to me for my Alpine Touring setup. After trying on several different boots, the best choice for my foot was the Scarpa Diva AT Boot. A great lightweight 4 buckle touring boot, the Diva also charges the downhill effectively as well. This versatility is created by the interchangeable tongue system. The Diva is normally equipped with a hinged walk tongue, which puts the boot at a flex index of 90, which is great for all day tours. When you're out for a resort day and want that extra downhill stiffness, swap the tongue out for the additional Ski tongue, which increases the flex on the boot to a 110. This makes the Diva a great crossover boot for those wanting something that will perform equally well in the backcountry and for resort days. The Heel Retention Strap system and 4 buckles allow you to really crank down on this boot, offering great stability and support. The walk mode on these boots is great with the walk tongue in it, though not as free-pivoting as Black Diamond's new Shiva AT boot. Scarpa Diva AT Boots- Fit info Wider last than Garmont AT line Higher shell volume than Garmont AT line- great for high arches or higher volume feet A word for those with smaller feet- Scarpa shells are the smallest AT shells available. A 22.5 in Scarpa is comparable to a 23 in Garmont, but actually 2mm smaller. Heel is a bit sloppy after some packing out, but a pair of butterfly fit modification pads seems to eliminate that problem entirely. If you have wide heels, no problem! Thermo-Moldable liners allow for great flexibility in fit. Though you can wear them right out of the box, thermomolding fixes any hot spots you may have and adds comfort. Specifically, the Diva comes with an Intuition Precision Lady liner, which is slightly narrower than their regular liners and engineered for a womens' foot. Scarpa Diva AT Boots- Pros HRS Strap really does help keep your heel in place, and the ratcheting buckle system can be easily cranked down in gloves. Ski/Walk button is a great big knob that is also easy to access and use with gloves on. No more fumbling with the light switch style toggles. Comfy! Not quite a snowboarding boot, but as close as I think I'm gonna get! Scarpa Diva AT Boots- My only gripe! How many women's products can the outdoor industry possibly name the Diva? I believe I own a harness, headlamp, pack and now ski boots, all with the same name! But, princess names aside, I love my boots! Buy Now! Scarpa Diva AT Boot

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