Sanuk Sandals

February 28, 2009

They're Not Shoes. They're Sandals. This is what Jeff Kelley, owner and creator of Sanuk "Side Walk Surfer" Sandals kept insisting to me when we met at the Winter Outdoor Retailer show. Looking at what I thought was obviously a shoe, I thought the man to be a bit loony, but I figured, hey, they look comfy! I was stoked to try them, shoe, sandal, whatever they were. The basic idea behind Sanuk Side Walk Surfers? Sanuk's (meaning happiness and balance in Thai) goes with the "lazy feet" idea. Never heard of it? There's 2 basic ways you can go with footwear: uber padded and teched out, providing all sorts of support for your feet, OR very minimalist, sandal-esque if you want to call it that. The theory behind the minimalist shoes is that it forces your "lazy feet" to make themselves stable within the shoe or sandal. This is the "un-technology" behind Sanuks. Minimal materials which allow your foot to create its own stability. The Basics Sanuk sidewalk surfers come in both men's and women's styles and sizes Ridiculously lightweight and packable! Need a second shoe for an activity (i.e. you want to walk to the crag, but not in your rock shoes!) but don't want to be bogged down with extra weight? Grab the Sanuks. Sandal OR slipper. The backs of these shoes fold down easily and you can slide your foot right in. Bottom line- Thus far, I'm in love. A die hard sandal gal, the sanuks are a great transition to regular footwear for me. Added bonus; I'm only allowed to wear closed toed shoes at work, and my Sanuks feel like sandals, yet meet dress code requirements! Look for an update in a few months after I've worn them to the crag, to the beach and around town to see if the honeymoon period lasts! My bet- I'll be wanting more pairs soon! Buy Now! Sanuk Side Walk Surfers

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