Black Diamond Havoc Telemark Ski - Gear Review

September 15, 2008

It's that time of the year again to evaluate your ski collection and make some additions. Want to beef up your set with an all around Bosshog? I've been on the Black Diamond Havoc for a year now and the day I demoed it along with the verdict and kilowatt, it had snowed a whopping 19'' up at Brighton. Aside from an epic day on the hill I really had a love affair with the Havoc. Later in the afternoon it was getting warm of course and I found the Havoc really powered through the snow and was very stable edge to edge. Verdict was a bit too stiff for me, the thing is great for the big boys but my 150 lbs. couldn't control those hunks. Kilowatt is very impressive, I was really on the fence between that one and the Havoc. I wanted something a bit more all around and the Havoc just did it for me. The Havoc may not be as wide as the computer screen your reading this review on...*cough* Megawatt *cough* but the ski has done me right this past season and I'm looking forward to another Havoc season. The 3D pockets BD added last year are great for the torsion box along with the Dual Torsion Bow Tech giving the powerful stability that excels in the corn. BD's mantra "its all about the down" rings true when you slap these babies on. Black Diamond Havoc Ski Treats 175cm: 123 / 88/ 112mm,185cm: 124 / 88 / 115mm Weight: (175cm) 7lb 12oz (3515g),(185cm) 8lb 10oz (3912g) Raised tail to release your park passion ADD ANOTHER PAIR: Pick up these planks on REI for $539.95

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