Review - Spy Soldier Ski Goggle

March 12, 2009

It used to be that I owned a few pairs of goggles - one with a yellow lens for white-out days, one with a bronze lens for the stormy/sunny combo days and the one with a flash mirror lens for those super bright bluebird days. Before that I just owned one pair of goggles and made them work, much like everyone else. Then I got a pair of goggles with multiple lenses, but changing them out or even worse remembering to bring along my spare lenses to either the resort or into the backcountry was a boondoggle at best. Around Christmas I picked up the Spy Soldier Ski Goggle (with the Spherical Blue Spectra Lens) and my troubles, or my worries about which goggle and which lens to rock was over. After a couple months of use (about 15 days on the hill) it's due time the for the Solider. Review of the Spy Soldier Ski Goggle Out of the box I was first surprised at how well they fit my face (I have a little larger face) even though they are a lower profile goggle and secondly how comfortable and soft the micro fleece and foam is. Add to that the silicon on the goggle strap keeps it in place so that not even Chuck Norris could move it. This has come in handy after more than a few diggers on powder days. The stock model of the Soldier in the Wall Street design comes with a bronze lens (pictured to the right) which is also spherical. This is a pretty good lens for most conditions but I think for the ultra bright bluebird days it needs to be darker. I opted to pick up the Blue Spectra Lens and despite the extra cost, I would recommend this lens as a do all every condition lens. It's been solid on snowy days at Brighton and Solitude where visibility could have been less than stellar due to driving snow and clouds. But the clarity of the Spy goggle lens actually accentuated conditions, leaving me stoked and seeing every little bump, feature and powstash. Just how I like it. After they performed so well in the flat and stormy light, I was a bit hesitant to bring them out on the brightest of bright days but they didn't disappoint. In fact, they performed better than other flash lens goggles I have. A friend who was skiing with me one bright sunny day commented on how nice the goggles were and so I swapped with him for a while - he too was a convert to the Solider. Spy Soldier Ski Goggle - The Good Great fit, for a wide variety of face sizes With the Blue Spectra Lens - it's hard to beat this goggle for every use Silicon on the goggle strap is bomber at keeping the goggles in place Microfleece that wicks moisture to keep the goggle free from fogging Anti fog treatment with great ventilation Spy Soldier Ski Goggle - The Bad A bit pricey if you're on a budget Buy Now: Get with it and get the Spy Solider from or a more complete selection of the Spy Snow Goggles at

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