REI Vacuum Infuser Mug

January 3, 2009

I don't normally drink coffee. However, as of late, between grad school, 2 part time jobs and all my time outside, 2 cups before breakfast has become the standard. As usual, I need something indestructible that I can carry from the backcounty to class, and the REI Vacuum Infuser Mug has become my favorite coffee mug. I frequently drop things, spill and am a general klutz. This coffee mug is perfect for me! Despite multitudes of drops down stairs and trail alike, being tossed into the back of my truck, it always stays closed and I have yet to have a coffee spill disaster! I love it. REI Vacuum Infuser Mug Maintains temperature like no other thermos! I can pour a cup of coffee in at 6am, go out for a quick tour, head to class for a few hours, and then break into the coffee, and its still as warm as it was at 6am. Detachable infuser plate allows you to brew tea in the mug! Toss your tea leaves in the bottom, add hot water and enjoy! Doesn't work as well for coffee, however. The mesh of the screen isn't quite fine enough, and you end up drinking grounds... Indestructible. The mug has fallen out of my bag on climbs, rolled around the back of my truck and survived my first semester of graduate school with me, and I've never seen it leak! Check it out! REI Vacuum Infuser Mug

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