REI Travel Wallet and Travel Document Organizer - Gear Review

May 11, 2008

Whenever I travel outside of the borders of the good ol' US of A, I can't help but notice that most wallets are inadequate to carry all the things you need. That velcro VANS wallet that you usually carry? Won't carry a Passport very well, will it? How about saving receipts and carrying boarding passes all in one location? Nope. That's where the REI Travel Wallet and Travel Document Organizer becomes a real cherished piece of gear. The REI Travel Wallet is about the dimensions of a paperback book, but much thinner. While that won't fit into your pocket, it is slim enough to slide into your bags quite easily. The thing I love about this travel wallet is this: it is obvious that a lot of thought has been put into every pocket, slot, and zip pouch on this wallet. And you can tell that it has been thought out by individuals who obviously travel internationally a lot -- because nothing goes unlooked for. I used it on a recent trip to Europe and thought it would be a great little organizer, but quickly found that it was indispensable to keep myself organized. The one problem is it can't be shoved into a pants pocket. But I keep it in my luggage or in-hand, and then when I head out on the town for the night I grab just a card & ID & stuff in my pocket. Other than that size issue, it was the right thing for international travel for me. Some of my favorite features: 1) Perfectly-sized pocket slot on the front panel for boarding passes 2) Passport pouch on inside-left fold 3) Credit-card pockets on inside-right fold 4) Multiple large bill-sized pockets under the credit card pockets for easy stowing of receipts, etc 5) Map pockets 6) Mesh pockets for handiwipes, other items 7) Key clip & pen slot (always useful to have on-hand) Click here for more details, or to buy the REI Travel Wallet and Travel Document Organizer.

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