Reel Rock Tour - Send it!

September 9, 2008

If you've got a penchant for climbing rock you've got to do what you can to check out the Reel Rock Film Tour when it comes to a city near you. I caught it last year and it was well worth the $10. Think Banff Film Festival but just rock climbing. Yea, it's good. Presented by The North Face and Windstopper from Gore, this year's film explores areas like the Grand Canyon and South Africa bouldering as well as other amazing rock climbing that pushes the edge of where climbing is headed. Big Up Productions is putting together the years best of climbing wrapped up into one night. Sender Films will also present "Sharp End" which I'm stoked to check out. Here's the trailer for the tour. I hope you make it but if you're in Salt Lake we'll see you at the Tower Theater on Sept 17 at 7pm. I'd suggest getting your tickets before hand at Momentum Climbing Gym as they sold out last year. --Reel Rock Film Tour, send it!

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