PrAna Bliss Shorts

April 1, 2009

I keep hoping that by talking about sandals, shorts and other summery things, the weather will take the hint, and it will warm up about 30 degrees by tomorrow... So far, it hasn't worked. Nonetheless, i dug out my shorts yesterday, and today, despite the freezing cold temps, I will be wearing my favorite pair of shorts around: my PrAna Bliss Shorts! PrAna boasts that they make sustainable clothing for yoga and climbing, and this company truly lives up to the name sustainable. After checking out their website (, I learned about a number of organizations they are allied with (from HERA to the Conservation Alliance), and the National Power Initiative, of which PrAna is a proud member. By supporting renewable resources at their corporate headquarters and within their own homes, PrAna employees have done the equivalent of keeping 2,300 cars off the road. Be sure to check out their website for more cool facts... But now, back to my shorts! PrAna Bliss Shorts Poly/Spandex Blend: stretches with you when running, hiking or just walking around, yet maintains its shape. NOT like that pair of stretchy jeans out own that you can wear once before they're so stretched out they need to be washed again. Side stash pocket: Just big enough to fit a drivers license, credit card and a GU shot. Beware though, this pocket doesn't close. QuickDry Material: Jump off the boat and into the river, hop back out and wait 5 minutes, and these shorts will be dry again. 4.5 Inch inseam makes these shorts stylish, yet long enough to still hike in them! Comes in sizes XS-XL. As a size 2, I fit comfortably into an XS, so they seem pretty true to size. Unfortunately, my hopes for the weather have been dashed... Looks like we're in for another week of snow! I'll just be wearing the PrAna Bliss Shorts at home. Check Them Out! PrAna Bliss Shorts

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