Polar Introduces the CS600X Cycling Training System

February 20, 2009

Polar, the leader in heart rate monitoring and fitness assessment technology, today introduced GPS mapping capabilities to its CS600 cycling system, creating a highly advanced, flexible training tool for elite and competitive cyclists the CS600X. The new system builds on the successful CS600 with Power, which set the industry benchmark to train with power by offering the most complete power measurement system available at an affordable price. The CS600X, when paired with Polar G3 GPS sensor accessory, enables cyclists to record GPS mapping information, which is then viewed through Polar ProTrainer 5 software on Google Earth or any common GPS mapping software. GPS maps are color coded for heart rate zones, helping athletes see the relationship between performance, route and terrain providing a powerful, visual window into cycling training. The CS600X also comes equipped with increased recording and memory capacity to facilitate more frequent data measurements of metrics such as power and heart rate. For demanding athletes, this provides an even deeper level of training insight. With the new CS600X, weve paired intelligent GPS mapping capabilities and enhanced data recording to deliver a robust, and complete end-to-end training tool, said Jeff Padovan, President of Polar USA, It provides the added intelligence competitive cyclists need to analyze and take their performance to the next level. The CS600X can be customized to meet a cyclists training needs from speed and cadence, to GPS mapping, to power measurement by matching the handlebar computer with one of Polar wide range of W.I.N.D. sensors. Along with the G3 GPS Sensor, the CS600X is fully compatible with the CS speed sensor, CS cadence sensor, and the Power Output Sensor W.I.N.D., which delivers a wealth of data, including power output, pedaling index, and Left/Right pedaling distribution. Cyclists will also benefit from the enhanced visibility of the training information from the large LCD even at maximum speeds. When combined with the Power Output Sensor W.I.N.D., the CS600X also tracks cycling efficiency, a measure of how much energy output on the bike translates into forward momentum what some consider the ultimate metric for performance, fitness and technique. Available only through Polar, cycling efficiency provides a professional-level benchmark to help cyclists pinpoint areas for improvement and increase overall performance and fitness. Polar ProTrainer 5 software, included with the CS600X, provides athletes with a completely customized, deeper understanding of their training. By using colorful, detailed graphs, the software truly brings to life data such as heart rate, power, GPS routes, speed, distance, cadence, duration, elevation and cycling efficiency. ProTrainer 5 helps athletes train smarter, whether it planning detailed workouts, comparing results against goals, or looking at total workload to prevent over or under-training. In addition, it supports a more effective working relationship between coaches and their athletes; coaches can create comprehensive training plans, share them via email, and then review results in the software to make sure their athlete is staying race day-ready. Athletes, upon receiving training files from their coaches, can upload up to 21 workouts to the CS600X, which doubles as a digital coach by guiding and prompting them through the stages and intervals of a given workout. The CS600X will be available online and through specialty retailers. The base CS600X set includes the WearLink+ W.I.N.D. transmitter, CS Speed Sensor and IrDA USB Adapter, and retails for approximately $399.95. The G3 GPS Sensor can be purchased as a separate accessory for $139.95. The CS600X with Power will be available for approximately $709.95. Buy Now: Search for Polar Cycling Watches

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