PGA Golfer Billy Horschel Supports Outdoor Adventure Program for Kids

Professional golfer Billy Horschel donates to First Descents, a program which supports adventure programs for kids with MS or cancer.

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April 22, 2020

First Descents, a foundation that provides adventure programs for kids with MS or cancer, announced a $10,000 donation from Billy Horschel, famed PGA golfer. Billy has been a fixture on the PGA tour, and won the 2014 FedEx Cup. He and his wife Brittany also opened up in 2017 about her struggle with alcoholism, which endeared them to many who have been touched by their vulnerability and efforts at personal growth. This donation signals a broader desire to benefit others, too.

One of Horschel's sponsors, PEO firm Velocity Global, is a corporate sponsor of First Descents and funded the launch of its adventure programs for young adults in 2018.

“Brittany and I believe that healing from a serious illness like cancer or MS, and long-term implications of depression and addiction, require innovative solutions like the free adventure programs of First Descents,” said Horschel. “We are thrilled that Velocity Global introduced us to this wonderful cause. Our family loves spending time outside, especially in Florida and the mountains of Colorado, and we look forward to volunteering on a future trip to experience the healing power of adventure firsthand!”

Adventure programs that introduce young people to the outdoors have a long history of positively influencing people for the long-term, but those outdoor and adventure programs often require expensive gear and transportation to make them happen. It's always a positive when people in positions to do good turn those efforts towards the outdoors.

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