Outdoor Research Water Bottle Parkas

December 31, 2008

Winter mountaineering guarantees two things for me- cold toes and frozen camel bak valves. Last season, I switched to carrying my water in a Nalgene, insulated by an Outdoor Research Water Bottle Parka. No more frozen water! The Outdoor Research Water Bottle Parka does an awesome job insulating, and also makes it easier to access your water when hiking with a pack on. Just attach the hook and loop closure snap to any part of your pack, and you're set. I attach mine to the bottom of my shoulder straps on my pack, making it easy to grab some water whenever I feel like it! Outdoor Research Water Bottle Parkas Two different sizes- liter and half liter EVA molded foam around base and lid is great reinforcement! Drops, snags, rubs against rocks, the foam survives it all! Functions for both keeping things hot AND cold. Keeps your water from freezing, but can also double as a lightweight thermos! Hot coffee, anyone? Buy Now! Outdoor Research Water Bottle Parka

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