Outdoor Research Criterio Gloves

January 19, 2009

Along with the helmet craze I think another trend is rocking low bulk ski gloves. For a while it seemed like the big gauntlet gloves were the trend but now the slim gloves are the norm. I jumped on the boat last year and have been amazed with how warm these little mitts can be. My new favorite finger jacket is the Outdoor Research Criterio glove. The best part about the Criterio is the zipper instead of the strap. Straps are lame. I already have a strap on my jacket, I don't need another strap. The Criterio zippers are nice because they are easy to use but aren't gnarly big and annoying. From my wrist to the tip of my finger it measures one BIC pen and a tootsie roll and the Criterio fits me perfect in a large. Getting the glove on is a bit tough, however once your in it's a solid fit. As far as dexterity goes I didn't have any problems with using my pant side zip to get to my boot buckles. Buckling my boots were easy too, I felt like this glove has a higher dexterity then the OR ExtraVert glove. The GORE-TEX is ideal for any use along with the 100g EnduraLoft which kept me plenty warm this morning at Alta at 20 degrees. The pointer and the middle finger have padding which I am still trying to figure out what the use is. Maybe a lift line boxing match for first tracks? I'm very happy with this glove overall and would gift it to even my worst enemies. Gripe My gripe to OR is when I pull my hand out of the glove the liner comes out in the pinky sleeve. It's almost impossible to get my pinky back in. I reckon they could make a sewing alteration to overcome this. BUY NOW: The Outdoor Research Criterio glove at

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