Odwalla Bar: Chocolate Chip Peanut

June 24, 2008

Because my typical "lunch hour" consists of a 45-minute mountain bike ride on the awesome trails nearby my office here in Draper, Utah, my body will burn through the calories that I eat for my actual lunch by about 3:30 pm. At that point, I'm usually reaching for that box of cereal on my shelf and eating dry Total flakes, or I just down more water. Yesterday, I actually peered through the glass of the vending machines in the break room--hoping to find something that seemed healthy. "Hmmm... Cheetos... Doritos... Fritos and other greasy snacks--nah, that won't do. Odwalla Bar? How did that sneak into the coffin of death snacks?" I had never actually seen an Odwalla bar, but I've partaken of the forbidden Odwalla juice (forbidden because it tastes so good, but costs so much). A quick card swipe and I had in my hands an Odwalla Bar. I've been downing ProBar's lately and really like them because you can see what you're eating, they taste good and they fill you up. Odwalla Chocolate Chip Peanut Bar So, how does it taste? Well, it's not like a fat-laden and chocolatey-tasting Snickers Bar, but I think it tastes really good. It is soft and chewy (something ProBars aren't) and has a good consistency. With 8 grams of protein and a mix of organic ingredients, everything seems to jive as far as a healthy snack. Looks like there are four total flavors: Banana Nut Bar Berries GoMega Bar Choco-walla Bar Chocolate Chip Peanut Bar Check them out at your local fine food retailers. I think Odwalla is onto something here. Buy Now: Visit

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