ODI Rogue Lock-on Grips - Gear Review

May 25, 2007

When I was a young BMX'er, I hated changing grips. I would wear them out one summer, then dread getting new ones. Getting the grips off was as easy as taking a utility knife to the rubber and you were golden. But, getting new grips on was always a different story. The reason? Well, it always took a fair amount of dish soap and water to get them back onto the bars. And, then at least a week of waiting for the soap and water to dry. If you weren't patient enough to let the grips fully dry out, you were stuck with eternal grip throttles--on BOTH hands. Although kids today might think that's really cook, I hated it and dreaded ever replacing my grips. Now it's 2007 and times have changed. I still ride bikes, but they are of the 6" travel trailbike variety. And my grips? Well, I've ditched anything other than ODI Lock-on Grips for several years now. Why? Well, ODI is the original Lock-on grip manufacturer and they have the market in their capable hands. ODI Lock-on grips (they come in many varieties, but I prefer the Rogue grip design) allow you to take your grips off and on with the simple twist of an allen wrench. The Lock-on design consists of two aluminum collars and a proprietary grip that locks into the collars on either side. Grips slide off and on with ease and once locked in place, the ODI Lock-on grips stay in place--even under the harshest conditions. What I like about the ODI Rogue Lock-on Grips Easy on/off grips Can change brakes or shifters without destroying your grips Once locked in place, they stay put--no matter what The Rogue design is large diameter with soft durometer rubber for a hearty grip and subtle shock absorption The bottom line is I would never consider riding any bike without ODI Lock-on grips. They make riding safer and make the pain of changing grips a thing of the past. DON'T FORGET... the grips and clamps are sold separately or together. If you see a cheap pair of grips, they might not come with clamps. Buy Now: Buy ODI Lock-on Grips from Or, get the ODI Rogue (pictured here) from

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