NUUN U Natural Hydration Review

February 28, 2009

Nuun was a new word for a while. Now it seems to be the hydration mainstay for many top athletes. I first discovered Nuun while supporting ultra marathon runner Karl Meltzer on his world record attempt of the Appalachian Trail last year. He drank Nuun all day, everyday while running the 2,147 mile trail. I came across it again, and again, and finally again, at the Yoga Journal and Rock Climbing Conference in Estes Park, Colorado. I may not run 2,147 mile trails, but I definitely sweat and need to replace fluid and restore electrolyte balance after a yoga practice or a day at the crag. Jason Magness, of the PrAna Yoga Slackers had given me a few tubes to sample. The Yoga Slackers take it on tour with them around the world. I took his advice and tried Nuun U Natural Hydration. I am not one for fads or gimmicks, when I evaluate a piece of gear, or supplement, I am putting its repeated performance to the grindstone. I am loving Nuun. It is a no nonsense product. Nuun contains the four essential electrolytes: potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium without added sugars or calories. There are twelve tablets to a tube, cutting down huge on plastic bottle waste. The tube itself is waterproof, basically bombproof, and recyclable. The tube snugly fits the tablets, making breakage of the tablets nearly impossible. There is the standard Nuun line, Nuun Active Hydration or Nuun U Natural Hydration. Both lines are awesome, but I prefer the flavors of the U Natural. Karl digs the Active Hydration line. The goji berry green tea is my favorite. It is outrageously refreshing when it is really cold. I drink the lemon chai slightly warm like a tea on long morning hikes, or for a breakfast drink before a long day on a glacier. I enjoy the tangerine ginger as well, but really drink it just for the variety. There is a flavor for everybody. The Nuun Active Hydration line includes lemon-lime, citrus fruit, orange-ginger, triberry, and even kona cola if you are feeling like a bit of caffeine. Check it out and buy now at REI.

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